Every single country in the world that the people live in is important and each country has its own nature and significance. The United States of America is known as the most powerful country and many other countries support America. These countries become America’s alliances. The Philippines is one of its alliances. The Philippines have certain factors that make it known. Some of this is the so-called “wonders of the Philippines.” An example of which is the Banaue Rice Terreces that were created by the Ifugaos The presence of the Chocolate Hills is also a wonder in this country. The beaches are also famous in the Philippines. The Philippines have great beaches wherein foreigners tend to sit often. Even if there are many things that could be praised in the Philippines, it has also issues that are known to the world. Its corruption is one of those issues that is known bout the Philippines. Another issue is its population.
             The population is an important factor in a certain country or place. Population could give a positive or a negative outcome depending on how it is utilized. Some countries make certain measures to make sure that the population would not be causing a problem On the other hand; others do not give much emphasis on it.
             The Philippine population is around 82 million. These 82 million people continue to increase. The Philippine population in a way is not balanced because certain parts of the country have an enormous population while other parts are smaller geographically. Manila, for example, already has a big population because it is the center for business and industry. An important aspect of the population in the Philippines is its continuous increase. The increase of the population gives way to problems that the country is now facing. The increase gives effects to the Philippines both positive and negative.
             This paper is about the continuous increase of the Philippine population and the effects that it g...

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