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Every single country in the world that the people live in is important and each country has its own nature and significance. The United States of America is known as the most powerful country and many other countries support America. These countries become America’s alliances. The Philippines is one of its alliances. The Philippines have certain factors that make it known. Some of this is the so-called “wonders of the Philippines.” An example of which is the Banaue Rice Terreces that were created by the Ifugaos The presence of the Chocolate Hills is also a wonder in this country. The beaches are also famous in the Philippines. The Philippines have great beaches wherein foreigners tend to sit often. Even if there are many things that could be praised in the Philippines, it has also issues that are known to the world. Its corruption is one of those issues that is known bout the Philippines. Another issue is its population. The population is an important factor in a certain country or place. Population could give a positive or a negative outcome depending on how it is utilized. Some countries make certain measures to make sure that the population would not be causing a problem On the other hand; others do not give much empha Continue...


    Cause & Effect of Tobacco Use
    .... continue to smoke (about 25% of the population). .... stated that "Nicotine may also increase sweating, nausea and diarrhea because of its effects on the .... (2717 11 )

    economic growth
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    Global Warming
    .... areas, which contain 70% of the world's population (E02 .... to prepare a plan to evacuate its islands (E01 .... gasses in the atmosphere will increase Earth's temperature .... (1335 5 )

    Why the Population Growth Is Such A Serious Problem and The Effect
    .... predators in the oceans also contribute to the un-natural increase in the population of starfish. (Spalding) Conclusion Considering its pervasive impact on .... (1279 5 )

    .... for foreign and cheaper workforce Increase in the .... Creates dissatisfaction and forces the population to become .... of the country and increases its dependence upon .... (2074 8 )

    Globalization and Improved Economics
    .... embrace globalization will show an increase in the .... capital stocks and technology, therefore its impact on .... the economic gap between urban and rural population. .... (1765 7 )

This paper will serve as a "wake-up call" to the Filipinos so that they would start doing something about the problem that the Philippines is now facing. The forms of transportation that are being used by everyone every single day creates pollution. The environment has different aspects. It was argued that the couple should decide on their own regarding the number of children that want to have. In totality, there are around 20 million people living in poverty in the Philippines, both in rural and urban areas (http:www. The result of such program was that the population growth rate was reduced from 3. The Philippines is known for the corruption that is taking place. The population then becomes more concentrated on the larger urban areas (http:www.


Solitary Confinement & Its Effects Table of Contents
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Effects of Affirmative Action on AT&T
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Effects of Social Change on the Nigerian Family
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Effects of rock 'n' roll on Society
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Petroleum Development in Mexico
(Schliephake, 1977, p.7). Its effects relate to the One of the most immediate impacts to an area is the typical increase in population that accompanies "oil (2059 8 )

Problems in Population Growth
When a nation begins to overtax its own forests, grasslands, and fisheries beyond replacement levels However, as population pressures increase and the (2513 10 )