Are you a good or bad student?

             Being a good student is what everyone wants to believe they are. But in reality we all know that there are bad students. I, myself would like to believe I am a good student but when I looked over the facts it seems that I am a bad student. One reason I believe I am a bad student is because I fall asleep in class. My second reason is that I don’t always do homework. Lastly, my third reason is that I argue with my teachers. In the future I wish to be a good student and change most of the qualities that force me to believe I am a bad student.
             The first reason that persuades me to believe I am a bad student Is I fall asleep in class. This is bad; because I miss a lot of information during the five to twenty minutes I am sleeping. I fell asleep in science on Tuesday; I missed a lot of information on a subject I knew nothing about. The main reason that is bad is because when test day comes I will have no clue on what we went over. I also fell asleep in civics that Tuesday (bad day for me…). I had just finished a packet in 10 minutes that we had 30 minutes to complete. So, I thought I would sleep for the other 20 minutes. Well, I overslept and missed all of the correct information when they were going over the packet. Additionally, I fell asleep in my sixth period class. What a big mistake. One of the meanest teachers I have. I’m lucky I didn’t get a golden ticket (detention pass).
             My second bad attribute is that I frequently miss homework assignments. I missed a journal check in Mr. Porcelli’s class which is bringing down my already low grade. This is bad because I have to maintain a C average to stay on the wrestling team, and a B average to satisfy my parents. I also do poorly on homework assignments, so bad that it would save the embarrassment just to take the zero. That is bad because it ruins my reputation to the teachers and I’m not giving my full effort to impress them. C

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