Winter is my favorite season

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All of the seasons of the year have special qualities. Winter though, is without a doubt my favorite season. I enjoy winter because of the beautiful snow, there are no pigeons, and because of the days that we get out of school. My first reason for considering winter for my favorite season is that when it snows it mostly covers everything. The trees and the ground are covered in fresh white snow. I can go out side and build snowmen and snowwomen that are decorated with all kinds of stuff. Like hats, gloves, sticks for arms, a carrot for a nose, and rocks for their eyes! I can also go sleigh riding with my cousin. (Thi Continue...

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I had a really bad headache after that, but I"tmm getting back to where I can finally go riding with her again. A final reason for choosing winter for as the season I like most is that every body stays home in their nice warm houses. s is a very dangerous thing!!)Just because the last time that I did I ended up getting four stitches in my head. That is after the fact that the weatherman tells every one that it is going to snow about seven feet, but we only end up getting two. Even though my mom thought that I had cut off my whole left ear, which I thought was pretty funny. With all the snow on the ground, no pigeons to squawk, and the snow days I get to stay home, the stores not filled up with people, all these things are part of the cause to make my favorite season winter. So the stores are nice and not filled up with people to where you can"tmt get your buggy through the isle. Because winter has so many special attributes, it is the season of the year that I enjoy the most. Another reason why I like winter is that all or most of the Birds go away!!! Like pigeons! I don"tmt like them very well, they make to much noise! That"tms all they like to do is either tweet or squawk!! And they also like to attack you and your newly clean cars that you have just spent about three hours working on, washing and waxing it! Making sure that it has no flaws what so ever! So for this reason, I don"tmt think we have much use for birds. Throughout the other three seasons, I always anticipate the arrival of my favorite season.


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