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Serial Killers:Differences of Male/Female Serial Killers

Thesis: Although the basic profile of a serial killer is a white male, research shows that female serial killers do exist.
I. Definition of a Serial Killer
II. Traits of a Serial Killer
III. Male Serial Killers
B. Motives for killing
C. Methods of killing
D. Categories of male serial killers
IV. Female Serial Killers
A. Victims
B. Motives for killing
C. Methods of killing
D. Categories of female serial killers
V. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
VI. Team Serial Killers
VII. Cases of female serial killers

Serial Killers: The Difference between Male and Female Serial Killers

Serial killers are one of the most fascinating and morbid groups to study. The term serial killer, coined by special agent Robert Ressler, is defined as someone who kills three or more people, with time intervals between each, known as the cooling off period (Lawler 2003). The style and motivation of the killings can vary greatly. To view serial killers as a fringe group, profilers must first understand them as a group.
Serial killers have been divided into two groups: disorganized, asocial offenders and organized, non-social offenders. There is no single precise profile for a serial killer. While the basic profile calls for a white male between the ages of eighteen and thirty-two with a history of child abuse, bed wetting, animal abuse, and arson, each serial killer has his or her own motives and personal agenda. While female serial killers are not very common, they do exist and are quite different from their male counterparts (Jones 1996). This paper will show some common traits of serial killers and will show the difference between male and female serial killers.
Holmes and DeBurger state that serial killers in general fit the description of a psychopath very well. The title psychopath has been recently replaced by the phrase ASPD, anti-social personality disorder (Holmes and DeBurger 1988)...

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