Serial Killers:Differences of Male/Female Serial Killers

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Outline Thesis: Although the basic profile of a serial killer is a white male, research shows that female serial killers do exist. I. Definition of a Serial Killer II. Traits of a Serial Killer III. Male Serial Killers A.Victims B. Motives for killing C. Methods of killing D. Categories of male serial killers IV. Female Serial Killers A. Victims B. Motives for killing C. Methods of killing D. Categories of female serial killers V. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy VI. Team Serial Killers VII. Cases of female serial killers Serial Killers: The Difference between Male and Female Serial Killers Serial killers are one of the most fascinating and morbid groups to study. The term serial killer, coined by special agent Robert Ressler, is defined as someone who kills three or more people, with time intervals between each, known as the cooling off period (Lawler 2003). The style and motivation of the killings can vary greatly. To view serial killers as a fringe group, profilers must first understand them as a group. Serial killers have been divided into two groups: disorganized, asocial offenders and organized, non-social offenders. There is no single precise profile for a serial kill Continue...

The title psychopath has been recently replaced by the phrase ASPD, anti-social personality disorder (Holmes and DeBurger 1988). What makes the revenge serial killer different is that, they are driven by a deeper, more overwhelming anger, with little or no cooling-off period, implying a certain kind of obsessive attachment to the darker qualities of revenge that goes beyond what is normally meant by motivated by revenge. She confessed to six murders, but claimed self-defense in all of them. Black Widows systematically kill multiple spouses, partners, or other family members. They brutally kill their victims and desecrate the bodies. Experts speculate on what happens to unsolved cases of murders. This accounts for eighty percent of the methods used to kill their victims. Those who change their targets and methods, are often never identified. produces more serial killers than any other country. Other motives that men have for killing are control, money, enjoyment, racism and hatred, mental problems, cult-inspiration, and attention. It is also important to stress common traits among groups to better understand serial killers as a whole. According to an FBI Behavioral Unit Study, serial killing has climbed to an almost epidemic proportion. Some killers have murdered over three hundred victims (Norris 1989). Usually the people they kill are already marked for death from a terminal illness. Revenge killers begin their criminal careers at age twenty-two, and their victims are either family members or an organization.