A Bridge to Wiseman

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Being a deprived fifteen year old boy was hard for Carl. He wasn’t deprived in the sense of having no food, clothes or a roof over his head; he was deprived in love, the love of his mother. Of course she loved all of her children, she just had trouble showing it and Carl being extremely self conscious, didn’t help much. Carl’s mother used to always take off on little holidays, leaving Sarah, his older sister, to take care of him and his younger brother, Harley. The last time Carl’s mother left, it didn’t seem like she was coming back, so Sarah sent the boys to live with their Aunt Beryl in Wattle beach. Before taking off herself. So the boys were left wondering if their mother would ever come back to take them out of this selfish woman’s care. When Carl was told to start working by his Aunt Beryl, he landed himself a job working on a barge, taking passengers from Wattle beach to Wiseman’s Cove. The captain of this barge was Skip Duncan, it wasn’t until now that Carl realized what a bad name the Matt’s had obtained… Twenty years before hand, Carl’s grandfather, Des Matt, had deliberately run do Continue...

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Bruce only wanted Carl to work for him as he was part owner of the other barge and because Carl was keeping Skip's barge alive, the only way to make Skip's barge to go broke was, to get rid of Carl. Ever since that day Skip is constantly reminded of this nightmare, every time he takes a step. So Beryl left Carl in her big house all alone. The whole community got behind Skip and his family, therefore every single Matt has been a cruel hearted person, in the town's opinion. Beryl immediately thought that Harley would be the replacement for the son that Des Matt had taken away from them 20 years before, so she straight away objected to it. Beryl was invited to go with him, at first she said "no, but then she figured 'why not'. wn, Skip and his only son, Graham, with his car. Joy and Skip then invited him to go and live with them, but he wouldn't go without the reassurance that his mother wasn't coming back. Skip escaped with the limp in his leg, but Graham, unfortunately, lost his life. Bruce Telfro offered Carl a job in his tow truck company, but Carl refused to take it, much to Beryl's dismay. Everyday Carl would go into work and spend the day washing, sand and salt water off all the cars that took the trip from Wattle Beach to Wiseman's Cove on Skip and Joy's barge. Carl life has been messed around with so many times; he always had a dark cloud following him. It wasn't until she realized that she would still be getting the child-support money, that she let him go. As Harley was living with the Duncan's now, he began spending a lot more time with Maddie and Justine.