The Perfect barber/ hair stylist

             "I cannot believe I went into that place and got another bad haircut!" Is this what you say when you come from having your hair by a barber/stylist who was diffused because they were on there cell phone talking to whoever? Does it seem like you've had a myriad number of bad hair cuts? Is your barber always plaintive when he or she is done messing up your head and still looking to you for your spoils as if they did the job right? Then you might need some useful advice from someone who has been in the hair business for quite some time . I will help you know where to go and how to find the perfect hair stylist.
             Step one: first you need to cajole a friend who always has a nice hair cut or style into telling you where they go. Most importantly make sure the barber/stylist who will be cutting your hair looks good. Make sure that they are very well groomed. Do not fall for the barber/stylist who has their head eclipsed by any kind of cloth or rag, because they most likely tried to do their own hair and messed up which means you have a pretty good chance of getting your hair messed up if you go to that particular person. Also remember if this person seems overly galvanized about you being in their chair, chances are they suck and get little business if any.
             Step two: once you found the one that looks like the perfect hair stylist, then move on to number two. That is the real test. When you go to sit in their chair, make sure they are not in a hurry to get you out of there. This is really important because if they are in a hurry, who is to say that you can trust them with your hair? If the stylist starts to talk to anyone else in the salon, this is definitely a bad sign that you need to get his or her attention back on you.This is when you should start asking questions about hair care products. Get all of the information that you can. That is what your hair stylist is there for.

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