A Good citizen

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A GOOD CITIZEN A good citizen is a blessing to society. He feels that he has certain responsibilities towards the state, just as the state has certain responsibilities towards him. Thus he is aware of both his privileges and his duties. His foremost duty is his loyalty to the country of his birth. It should be dearer to him than all his worldly possessions, and he should always be ready to sacrifice everything for its sake. He should have firm and deep faith in the welfare of his motherland. He has to obey law and order. He has to respect the constitution of his country and to obey its laws. He must be vigilant against the enemies of the country. He must not do something which may help the anti-nationalists or the enemies of the country. He should have no sympathy for law breakers, and he should help the state in their arrest. He must do all he can to make the criminals feel that all respectable people are against them. A good citizen takes intelligent interest in politics, so that he may use his vote for the good of the country and the nation. He is clean in habits and thoughts. He leads a simple life. Odds never damp his courage. He is confident, brave and pure. He is sincere friend of humanity. He treats his Continue...

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I was in expression of their love and respect. If he is a teacher, he is zealously concerned with the intellectual progress of his students. I had forgotten that I was sitting in the classroom and our professor was delivering his farewell lecture. The teachers blessed us by extending their good wishes for our forthcoming examination. He is a man who is clean in thoughts, words and deeds. The lecturer arrived and began to call over the roll numbers. As I looked at the cartoon, I remembered the day when we had made this crude etching on the desk. I had enjoyed my stay in the college. He should fear God and should do all he can to serve his creation. I found myself among smart and active girls.


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