Child crime

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Smash! The sound of your car window being shattered just before your stereo, CD’s and other personal items are stolen. Crime has always been a continuous problem in society without any real solution. Society has shifted its efforts from prevention of crime to the question of what punishment to set for offenders after they have committed the crime. Society has treated crimes committed by children with the same thinking as those committed by adults, punishment not prevention. Parents bare some responsibility for the crimes their children commit and the prevention of such crimes. The idea of parents being partially responsible for their children’s crimes has raised much opposition. Many who oppose parent responsibility believe that since the parent is not actually physically committing the crime that they should not bear any responsibility or punishment. More ardently oppose the parents being held responsible because the parents would be receiving harsher punishments then the children who actually committed the crimes. Those opposing the law also raise concern about the effectiv Continue...

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One of the largest concerns being raised is how the law distinguishes between good parents with uncontrollable teens and bad parents who just don't care. One final thought was raised to my attention which is that children are not bad and parents have not failed them, but that society has failed to create after school activities for children forcing them to mischief. Through the first session the counselor can differentiate between which parent is trying and which is not. Through counseling the law will hopefully help teach the children that their actions do have consequences and not just for them but for those around them as well. eness of such a law, which holds parents responsible, on diminishing crimes committed by children. My law states that both parties must attend counseling together. I believe that no matter if you're the good or bad parent you should attend counseling if your child is out causing mischief. The final opposing concern about children lacking after school activities from society is a real concern of mine as well. So if you want to avoid the horror of walking up to your car window being SMASHED and your items being stolen I strongly and loudly suggest that we start to do something to prevent such crimes rather then create new forms of punishment. I say to those who oppose such law because the parent is not the one committing the crime, are you not legally responsible for your child until the age of 18 to care for them, provide for them, keep them safe from harm If I asked probably any parents randomly if they were responsible for their child I would confidently say they would reply with a yes. I feel that an ability to address such opposing concerns within the law is vital to its success. This is an issue to be brought up in regards with budget cuts to school funding. Society needs to reverse course and return to ideas of preventing crime rather then new ideas for punishment after the crime has been committed. The goal is that the parent and child together can work together through counseling.