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What’s a Hero Supposed to do? “For something that is precious to you..no matter how tough, no matter how sad, you must try and try…” – Naruto. In many stories, heros are people that go around saving people from hazardous situations, but what seperates real heros from those supernatural people are their actions and intentions. Hros are normal people that never give up, and never regret doing what they believe is right. Their actions are unselfish and they put the importance of others before themselves. The fearless courage, the spirit to never give up, and the will to make sacrifices are powerfully shown in a hero’s actions. “I’m not going to get afraid and run away.” – Naruto. There is no hero that was ever known for being a coward. Yes, all heros do have a cowardly side, but the people do not remember that side of the hero they admire. It’s having the courage to do what is right that makes a hero stand out, it is a quality that every hero has – supernatural or not. This cherished trait is what lets a person enter a situation of many dangers a Continue...

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Instead, Pat chose the contract of his life in being in the army to fight in Iraq. What would a hero be known as if he got into a situation of complications and decided that it was "just too hard He would be considered just another dissapointment to society because he let down the people that believed in him. One act that required amazing guts and the humbleness of a saint was to forgive the man who had shot him and nearly taking away his life. Dissapointed, he finds out that the company has lost its boss, and an evil co-boss has taken over. His dedication and effort encourgaed all the other people to fight for themselves and for their future. Rodney refuese to give up, but he feels lik he must when even his hero inventor tells him that there's no hope. Despite this, he was determined to keep doing his job until his body could not function anymore. They never thought once that what they believed in was not possible. Because his death is so famous, there have been many stories in the newspaper about his accomplishments. It sounds easy, but what about Pat Tillman Pat Tillman, a football star, was a man who cared more about the future of his country more than his own personal luxury. A true role model of such courage would be John Paul, a Pope who had just recently died. That's why characters like Rodney are so admirable, they never take the easy way out. At the last minute, his father reminds him that he is proud of his son no matter what he does, and that alone encourages him to keep fighting.