Can't it just be equal

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Title IX is the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs receiving federal assistance. It governs the overall treatment and opportunity in athletics and gives schools the flexibility to choose sports based on it’s student body interest, geographic influence, budget restraints, and gender ratio. It is not a matter of women being able to participate in wrestling or having the exact same amount of money spent on women's sports as on men's sports. Instead, the focus is shown on the necessity for women to have equal opportunities as men but not served just on an individual basis. The ideas of Title IX continue to help female athletes by opening many doors and giving them many opportunities but at the same time it is shutting out many opportunities on men’s athletics. On average females make up 56 percent of college enrollments, while males make up 44 percent. This idea has created many controversies’s saying that now women have the equal rights over men and that is doesn’t create the equality that it was meant to. Quotas were produced seven years after Title IX was created to help to achieve the equality desired. Title IX was set up to create equality between men and women on the issues of sports no Continue...

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But what they have to realize is that however many sports they choose to have, they have to budget those sports within the money they have. Title IX was created to make equality between men and women on the playing field cutting men's teams and replacing them with the female sports teams is still not the answer. "In 1972 there were 31,852 college female athletes, recently in 2001 it was recorded that there were 150,916 college female athletes. Each division chooses what sports they want to have, and each divisions budget goes towards there own sports teams. Meaning that, if the men's department wants to have ten, fifteen, or five sports that is their choice. com) Many coaches and many of the enrolled students are upset and disappointed about the cuts to their sports teams. There are many schools that still exist that don't follow the Title IX laws. Many schools were forced to replace male athletic programs with female ones for purpose of equality. United States Constitution) Thanks to this law women have been given an equal chance to show what they can do on the playing field and have been given the chance to just play sports. In order to achieve proportionality many schools have added women's teams, but some have also hunted to reach the goal of proportionality by cutting many men's teams. The budget for colleges is an example that shows how much of an improvement there has been for women's sports. Athletics for many schools created the most controversy regarding Title IX. In a result of Title IX there has been positive effects both on men and female.


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