Time and Tide waits for none

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What I want to put into words here is the incident of mine, which taught me the real lesson of the topic, which I got when I was a student of metric and at time when I was almost the best at hockey. Playing hockey at my leisure time was and is my hobby since my inception and certainly it is a fact that whatever your hobby is you will be having a lot of information about that particular hobby. So I was having a lot of knowledge regarding my hobby. In our college selection of college hockey Continue...

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team was going on and all hockey players were to be tested for the team selection. Keeping these thoughts I didn't go for the test as I thought myself the best. This confirms my belief that I am someone who is strongly needed and then I didn't go again. On same day our coach selected college team for final practice session and prepared the list of college hockey team. He only said one thing to me that "Time and Tide waits for none. The lesson I learned was worth appreciating as I being the best and not going for performance in which I am the best due to my nonsense attitude. At that moment I thought myself a player without whom the team will not be winning matches and without whom the team will be incomplete. One day our coach who was selecting teams, called us for the test. Next day list was ratified by our principal and when I saw list I got astound to see that my name was not in the list of hockey team. Same day with shocked feelings I went straight towards coach for that. Coach finding missing me from test session again sent a boy to me so that I may come. Those words of my coach I never forget, which changed my attitude, feelings and my entire way of thinking potentials.