Women Empowerment

             Achievements and Role of Department of Women and Child Development
             The provisions of the Constitution of India granting equality to women in various spheres creates the legal framework within which the Department of Women & Child Development functions for women's development.
             Women as a mother hood of the nation should be strong, aware and alert; that is main motto of the Department and mother with child is the future of the nation.
             formulating strategies and initiating processes to bring women into the mainstream.
             Women constitute half of the country's population (accounting for 407.1 million in absolute numbers as per the 1991 census), and it is abundantly clear that there can be no development unless their needs and interests are fully taken into account.
             to protect and safeguard the rights of women.
             to give the much needed impetus to the holistic development of women and children.
             For advancement of women and children
             All these efforts are directed to ensure that women are empowered both economically and socially and thus become equal partners in national development along with men.
             The major policy initiatives undertaken by the Department in the recent past include the establishment of the National Commission for Women (NCW), Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK), adoption of National Nutrition Policy (NNP), strengthening of ICDS, setting up of National Creche Fund (NCF), launching of Indira Mahila Yojana (IMY), Balika Samriddhi Yojana (BSY), and Rural Women's Development and Empowerment Project (RWDEP).
             Since the inception of the scheme of Working Women's Hostels, 815 hostels have been sanctioned to provide accommodation to 57,683 working women and day care facilities to 7528 children in 288 hostels.
             The programme of STEP, which was launched in 1987, seeks to provide new upgraded skills to poor and assetless women in the traditional sectors of agriculture, sericulture, handicrafts, fisheries, dairying, poultry et...

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