The benefits of watching TV

             As we know that television has bad influences for our life especially for children who are not accompanied by their parents when they are watching it. Besides having bad influences, television also has good influences for our life. In reality, television, which gives us many benefits, is very important for our daily life. We need television not only for entertaining us but also for increasing our feeling of humanity to other people and for giving us many knowledge or information of our world.
             For one thing, by watching television, it can entertain us when we get stressful after doing our daily activities. Sometimes, after working all days and studying at school or campus, we feel very tired and bored. We need something to refresh our mind and to make our body relax. One of the solutions to refresh our mind is by watching television. Television nowadays provides us many programmes which can entertain us. There are many comedy programmes such as “Bajaj Bajuri and Extravaganza which can make us laugh and forget about our activities for a while.
             Besides entertaining us, by watching television, it can increase our feeling of humanity to other people. Nowadays, we often see many commercial breaks which contain of humanity messages such as commercial breaks about tsunami and earthquake in Nias. Through those commercial breaks, our feeling of humanity is risen up to help the victims who are suffering. Besides commercial breaks, there many reality shows which also contain of humanity messages such as “Tolong!, Uang Kaget, Lunas and Bedah Rumah”. All those reality shows can increase our felling of humanity because they show us how suffer the life of poor people around us. Those reality shows encourage us to give aids to the people who need it.
             Besides entertaining and increasing our feeling of humanity, by watching television, it also can give us many information or knowledge about our world. Our te

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