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My Use of English

My Use of English: Illustrations and Variations of the Usage of Singapore Colloquial English to Standard English Introduction Standard English (StdE) is a language that is internationally understood in formal contexts. However, it is divided into different subsets due to its phonology and the use of a small number of culturally based lexical items (Gupta 1992c, as cited in Gupta 1994). Thus, in Singapore, it is known as Singapore Standard English (SSE). It is useful to think of Singapore English as having two extreme varieties: Singapore Standard English (SSE) and Singapore Colloquial English (SCE).SSE has H-variety which is close to the standard variety taught in schools while SCE has L-variety that is widely used in informal situations. Singapore Colloquial English (SCE) is sharply different from Standard English, especially in syntax and morphology. This variety of English is used in the home and in some situations by speakers of Singaporean English, who choose this variety as an alternative to Standard English. It is the normal variety spoken to the very young children outside a pedagogical situation. Nearly all children who have English from birth will have Singapore Colloquial English (SCE) rather than Standard English (StdE) as their native language (Gupta 1992c, as cited in Gupta 1994). With out multi-race background, it is not surprising that SCE borrows from the many different languages spoken in Singapore namely, Chinese, Malays, Indians and other subgroups. However, not all speakers speak the same way as factors such as social class, level of education, physical context and environment and the extents of formality of the conversations play a part in the usage of SCE (Pakir, 1993). This essay will look into the various environments and situations in my use of SCE as well as the three different terms of SCE; the usage of pragmatic particles, pronunciation and syntax. Pronunciation in SCE It is commonly accepted ...

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