Eternally Yours

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Black humor is a strange humor used to express non hilarious things that happened in this disordered world, like things you would never find funny but in the sense the comic puts it in makes you end up laughing at it. The usage of it in “The War of the Roses” is done fairly well, considering divorce isn’t funny in the real world but the way Danny Devito puts it makes it look more humorous then you would give it credit for. The style of this wild comedy has developed a horrified interest and keeps us laughing as the darkness grows around Oliver and Barbara. They met in Nantucket under a cluster of dark clouds probably meaning there marriage would end up the way it started, dark and gloomy. When Oliver became a successful lawyer they bought Barbara’s dream house and she became Continue...

There is also some irony in the film for example when Oliver received his car for Christmas and said "I'm more than happy, I'm married and later on in the movie Barbara ends up ramming her car into it. Another part in the film that showed black humor was when Oliver went to the hospital and was treated for a heart attack but ended up being diagnosed with serve indigestion, Oliver got mad at the fact that Barbara didn't go to the hospital nor did she called to see if he was ok, that all resulted in 2 Barbara liken the feeling of happiness thinking her husband wouldn't be coming home which made her think about a divorce so she can get that sensational feeling again. Through out the whole movie you can see the couple splitting apart scene by scene, such as when Barbara wanted to start her own catering business and wanted no help from Oliver and finds her own identity that threatens Oliver's control over their marriage. They both died not getting what they wanted except, the house. One of the critical points in the movie is the battle over the couple's house, and their important weapons against each other are its furnishing and other cherished possessions that they love. You see the hatred that can build up in a long term marriage, which is probably from the lack of communication between Barbara and Oliver. But Oliver found it very appalling for her reasoning of it "Because every time I watch you eat, when I watch you sleep, when I look at you lately I just want to smash your face in And you think she wouldn't do it but she does. Devito who is the director of the movie gives the camera a different angle looks from other people perspective, Danny DeVito not only the director but also plays apart in the movie as Gavin the narrator and Oliver's lawyer friend which gives a more of a funny twist considering he's telling it to a client who's involved in a divorce himself, telling him to let go of his wife or end up like Oliver Rose, "Women are a lot meaner than we give them credit for says Gavin "A man can never outdo a woman when it comes to love or revenge.