Dental Cavities

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Thesis statement: There should be much more public awareness of dental caries because it threatens the beauty of a large number of people in society. I. Abstract Cavities are diseases of the teeth that may affect the structure and strength of the tooth and make it weaker, which cause its loss. It is typically a hole in the tooth that alters in appearance and structure(Dental Caries.1998, Dental Cavities….) . It is important for people to know more about cavities because this is will help them to avoid the things that may cause cavities to them. We can treat this diseases by many ways such as we can replaced plaque with filling. II. Terms of reference This report was written as apart of the coursework for Bills II. I will give the reader information about the cavities and how can we treat it. I decided to write about this topic because it accord to my family and me it is very serious problem in which we faced a lot of problem and pains and we all suffered. The information was obtained basically from web sites, books and encyclopedias. II. Introduction I would like to introduce the issue of tooth caries and cavities in my research .In addition; I will define tooth decay and outline its risk, Continue...

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The material from which the filling is made from is usually an alloy of silver. However, if the decay was really harmful and removing it leaves the tooth weak and easily damaged, the dentist may use an artificial replacement for the part above the gum. Prevention There are many successful ways to prevent tooth cavities and eradicate the harms and pains of tooth decay. ("Cavities"; Dental Cavities Overview; Dental Caries. Tooth cavity is a serious problem that affects children and adults badly and causes a lot of pain. Cavities causes tooth inflammation that bring about its death and may lead to abscess formation, an inflamed hole under the root. I think that everyone should be encouraged to brush daily with fluoride toothpaste also developing affordable fluorinated toothpaste for general use in modern countries. Moreover, I will discuss some successful ways to reduce the chances of getting tooth cavities and eliminating all the harms that may be caused. On the other hand, these symptoms are noticed after the bacteria reaches the sensitive living dentine and causes the pain which forces the dentist to get rid of the tooth the target of treatment is to eliminated the tooth and prevent complications. I Think that many families in my country are facing the same problem with their children and I tried this suffering by myself when I was careless about my tooth I felt an unforgettable pain that really changed my life and I learned a great lesson that the teeth is a precious thing afforded by the God so our major job is taking care of them and looking after them. This substance include Bacteria, acid and saliva which mix in the mouth and stick on the teeth(Dental Caries. Firstly, oral hygiene is essential, such as brushing and flossing the teeth regularly after each meal with fluoridated toothpaste, which will Reduce the spreading of dental caries and to help remove plaque.


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