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Dental Cavities

Thesis statement: There should be much more public awareness of dental caries because it threatens the beauty of a large number of people in society. I. Abstract Cavities are diseases of the teeth that may affect the structure and strength of the tooth and make it weaker, which cause its loss. It is typically a hole in the tooth that alters in appearance and structure(Dental Caries.1998, Dental Cavities….) . It is important for people to know more about cavities because this is will help them to avoid the things that may cause cavities to them. We can treat this diseases by many ways such as we can replaced plaque with filling. II. Terms of reference This report was written as apart of the coursework for Bills II. I will give the reader information about the cavities and how can we treat it. I decided to write about this topic because it accord to my family and me it is very serious problem in which we faced a lot of problem and pains and we all suffered. The information was obtained basically from web sites, books and encyclopedias. II. Introduction I would like to introduce the issue of tooth caries and cavities in my research .In addition; I will define tooth decay and outline its risk, the causes and symptoms of the disease. Moreover, I will discuss some successful ways to reduce the chances of getting tooth cavities and eliminating all the harms that may be caused. Tooth cavity is a serious problem that affects children and adults badly and causes a lot of pain. In addition, it is one of the most essential causes of tooth loss that may interfere in the personal beauty and outer appearance of a person. That is mainly why I chose this disease as a topic in my research in order to minimize the risks and harms of this effective disease.(Dental Caries.9 Sep 2002). III. Definition of dental cavities Cavities are diseases of the teeth that may affect the structure and strength...

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