Language and identity

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Ways in Which Language Gives Identity The ability to be bilingual reveals identity. The more complex identity of a bilingual person creates opportunity throughout one’s lifetime. One of the many ways in which identity can be acquired is through one’s native and foreign languages, culture, education, and way of life. Many people identify others by the language they are dominant in, the way they do things, and the way they vary their way of speaking depending on who they are talking with. The belief of belonging to a certain group has its origins in the language that someone speaks. Language definitely plays an essential role in a person’s individuality since it is certainly a way of communicating one’s identity. Humans have the ability to communicate through verbal communication. It is a way in which individuals are able to express and transmit their thoughts and emotions to others. Also, it gives the freedom to convey our thoughts and feelings without any obstacles or limitations. Without the means to communicate, human beings would be in a lost and incomprehensible world. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial to communicate with others because it helps us to reach out to people and to unite with others that are not o Continue...

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It is also a different way of life because each language has its origin, and all origins have distinctiveness. It gives the individual the opportunity to experience new worlds and different people. Also, being bilingual grants the opportunity to create a "new identity because it allows the individual to live a life completely distinct. It also helps to practice more one's language or languages, and enhance it by practice. Our identity is somewhat build by our language and is reflected to others by the way we communicate around the world. Language is not only used as a tool for communication, but it is also used for a variety of things in life. Having a second language is a great benefit and a step forward. It is always better to have many ways to communicate with others than to lack ways to communicate. Also, being bilingual grants the opportunity to create a "new identity because it allows the individual to live a life completely distinct. It enables individuals to explore different cultures, different ideas or to simply explore a whole new different world from the one familiar to. The way people speak differently depending on who they are talking with is an example of having different ways to communicate. Language certainly plays a significant role in life. Therefore, language allows for exploration to occur and opens up a new window in our life. People are not only transmitting their own culture, but they are also exploring and experiencing a distinct one and becoming more cultivated and knowledgeable of what is "outside their own groups.


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