Charles Lindberg

             Have you ever heard of a man named Charles Lindberg? He was not just any man; he was great man, a flying man, a man with a goal. When you hear the name Charles and the name Lindberg used in the same sentence in chronological order you think of a pilot from back in the day. What most people don’t know is that his story begins on a farm near the banks of the Mississippi river in Little Falls, Minnesota.
             Aviation came to his liking the first time a plane fly over his house; it was love at first sight. He attended high school in Little Falls, Minnesota; his high school career came to an end in 1918 when he was excused from his senior year to work the farm for the war effort. After that he stayed at home and ran the farm for an additional year before venturing off to the University of Wisconsin which was located in Madison, Wisconsin. He began to study engineering there, in his second year he decided to transfer to
             Lincoln, Nebraska flying school. He was made and served as a mechanic and parachute jumper.
             He bought his first plane in 1923 and then made his first solo flight.
             He loved flying so much that a year later he joined a U.S. Army flying school in San Antonio, Texas. He began to haul mail for the Army between Chicago and St. Louis. In St. Luis he got some business people to invest in him so he could attempt to win
             25,000 dollars by winning the Orteig Prize. To win this prize you would have to fly non-stop from New York to Paris. To me that seems like a pretty daunting task, especially if it had never been done before; but I definitely would have gone for it. He did go for it; he started by helping design the plane he was to fly from New York to Paris. It was a monoplane which means it was a one wing plane. The plane was named The Spirit of St. Louis. Lindberg flew the plane from San Diego to St. Louis and then from St. Louis to
             New York. He set records for each leg of t...

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