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This study was conducted to identify the factors affecting the learning and practice of oral communication in English among university students specifically Art and Design (AD) Semester One students by gathering information from both the students themselves and their English lecturers. The findings reveal that the students’ background especially their home environment, socio-economic status, their early schooling experiences as well as their general exposure to the English language affect their motivation in learning the language and the overall usage of oral communication. Other factors are the emphasis given to oral skills in the course content, materials used for oral activities, lecturers’ approach in the classroom and personal factors stemming from students’ inadequacies in using the language inside and outside the classroom. The students’ continued practice on campus is not only affected by their background but also by the use of English by their peers and lecturers in other classes and the importance given to the language in their core subjects. The study also provides some recommendations to improve students’ learning and practice of oral communication in English. It is hoped that the integration of language with content teaching will enable students to perform the higher order language and cognitive tasks required in academic content courses.

As Bahasa Melayu is the main lingua franca, the use of English as the medium of communication among the younger generation is declining. This is not a surprising phenomenon as Malaysians are being instilled directly with the notion that English is not very important in their daily lives, as being able to speak in Bahasa Melayu is enough for them to survive in this country. Thus, the present generation of Malaysians use less English in their daily interactions. Some Malaysians even feel that they are more nationalistic if they only know and use Bahasa M...

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