Do you have knowledge by observation or participation?

             The first thing I’d like to write what I have knowledge about is rap music. I have been listening to rap music for as long as I can remember. I grew up mostly at Grandma’s house with my youngest uncles, and they listened to nothing but rap music. My youngest brother used to want to be a rap artist. He would take our school notebooks and use them to write his lyrics in. Needless to say, his “rap career” didn’t go anywhere. I have grown to like all but “hard core” rap music. It tends to be a bit more graphic then the “commercial” rap music we hear on the radio. I have been to numerous concerts in my lifetime, but as I grow older, I don’t like going to them because they are too crowded and with today’s youth, one is liable to get stabbed, shot, killed or hurt and it’s not even worth it. The last rap concert I went to just so happened to be in a nightclub in Washington, D.C. Big Boi from the group Outkast was performing with a guest appearance from his protégée Sleepy Brown. The club is of nice size, it has three or four floors. But when there are about a hundred people or so pushing to get to the stage it seems like a bloody mob. The show was good, the rest of the night was good, but once outside the club, all hell broke loose. Why, I don’t know. Needless to say, I won’t be going back to that club or any other on nights that they have performances of such caliber.
             Second I’d like to tell you about my knowledge of budgeting money. I had to learn quick how to budget my one income family. I unwillingly became a single parent at a young age. I was an E2 at the time and was trying to pay daycare, a car note, a telephone bill, and buy groceries with barely $1,000 a month. I am so grateful for military housing. My daughter’s father decided to quit working and taking care of her shortly after I joined the military. I hadn’t depended on his support payments to keep life going as ...

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