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A Doctor

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A Doctor’s Visit
It comes a time in every married couples relationship that they decide that either financially or due to some hidden timetable, for a child to come into the family. Without going into the mechanics of the process, my wife and I headed down the path 17 years ago to parenthood. I had come to believe that just the mere act of trying to conceive a child is all that was necessary, boy was I wrong! I think I was a little too confident in my, and my wife’s skills and desires to have a baby.
After many months of trying and not succeeding, it was time for a medical opinion, so off we went into the deep blue vortexes of medical science. After waiting several weeks, the waiting thing associated with military medicine, we were finally in the doctor’s office. First was to rule out the male, me! I don’t need to tell you how this is done; I think you can figure it out yourself.
I was fine so next it was my wife’s turn. How do you explain to your wife that your test takes several minutes and hers will take several days? After an exhausting battery of tests, she also checked out ok. The doctor’s had an explanation for this, as usual the do.
The doctor commenced to explain that many women experience a multitude of difficulties in attempts to achieve what was later explained to the layman, like me, as a viable pregnancy. Who comes up with these words? I was thinking to my self, is this an explanation that is self taught or is this actually in a book somewhere locked up and labeled “medical jibber jabber”. Well it continued for several more minutes and went something like this: While some issues are related to a specific medical problem experienced by one or another of the partners, most are relate to physiological conditions of the woman’s reproductive age. After this explanation I was thinking to myself, is my wife being thirty really have that big of an impact on this so called physiological barrier? The doctor...

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