Opinions of Perception

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Opinions of Perception Susan Glaspell’s “A Jury of Her Peers” (repr. in Thomas R. Arp, and Greg Johnson, Perrine’s Literature: Structure Sound, and Sense, 8th ed. [Fort Worth; Harcourt, 2002] 406) is a very contrasting presentation of the opinions and the perceptions that men and women have when faced with the same situations. The evidence and motive of Mr. Wright’s death are all present. How the men and the women looked at the situation and decided the evidence and the motive was based on their ideas of guilt. The women characters in “A Jury of Her Peers” are quiet, looked down upon, and are to be kept in their place as women and nothing more. When the women arrived at the Wrights with their husbands and the county attorney they proceeded to look at the situation of how Mrs. Wright’s life was as a young girl and how she had changed as she had grown older with Mr. Wright. Mrs. Hale shared some of the younger years of Mrs. Wright’s life with the sheriff’s wife, Mrs. Peters as the county attorney rambled through the kitchen making remarks about the cleaning and then finding the preserves frozen and burst in the cabinet. “Here’s a nice mess,” he said resentfully (412). Mrs. Peters looked at Mrs Continue...

They have no clue that the women have any intelligence of finding anything that would be of importance to the case. Hale to tell what happened yesterday when he and his son found Mr. This story was amusing looking at the contrasting differences that were displayed with the characters of men and women and how the story ended. Hale begin to look for evidence and a motive throughout the house and the barn. In "A Jury of Her Peers the men are serious and determined to find evidence and a motive for the murder and they have already decided that Mrs. The story is related to the evidence that there are differences in peers such as we see here with the men and the women and how each handles things differently accordingly to their peers. The men searched and found nothing that could be a motive for the murder. They had found all the evidence that was needed to convict Mrs. She said that the fire would go out and her jars might burst (412). She turned back to the county attorney and explained: "She worried about that when it turned cold last night. They never told what they found and Mrs. When they arrived at the house the sheriff asked Mr.