There are a lot of sports out there today. Most require a decent amount of physical effort in order to participate in. Some sports use lots of equipment to play, and others require none. There are even sports that many people cannot play because they can’t afford it. But, out of all sports that I could choose as my favorite, I would have to say Volleyball is the best. Volleyball is a great sport and let me tell you why.
             Many sports you may be familiar with have a certain playing field to them. Basketball has a basketball court, and baseball has a baseball diamond, and bowling has a bowling alley, and well you get the idea. And what makes volleyball so great is that it doesn’t require a special playing field. You can play anywhere you please with the proper amount of room. The most conventional place for playing volleyball is at the beach. The beach is a great place to have a sport played. There’s water to swim or surf in, sand to build sand castles with, and plenty of sun to tan with. Even if you don’t have a nearby beach, volleyball can be played in your own backyard. This way you won’t have to travel very far. Volleyball is a great way to entertain the guests of Graduation parties, wedding receptions, and even family reunions. Add a pool and a barbeque pit and your ready to party.
             One of the other great qualities that volleyball has is how inexpensive it is to play. When you go to the beach many people are already playing volleyball with their own nets, and you can easily join in. If you do decide to buy a net for home or the beach the equipment is really affordable. All you need is a net, a ball, and some people to play with. The field you play on is going to be free, whether it’s the beach or your backyard. And your friends are going to be free, that is unless you have to hire people for the lack of friends. Either way it’s a lot more affordable then some of

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