Physical Therapy

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Career/DOT Number/Work Description: The career I've chosen to shadow is Physical Therapy. The DOT code for this job is 076.121-104. A Physical Therapist's job consists of planning and administering medically prescribed physical therapy treatments for patients suffering from injuries, muscle, nerve, joint and bone diseases. Physical therapy services help restore the patients function, improvement in mobility and relief from pain. The services also help prevention or limitation of permanent disabilities from prior injuries and developed diseases. Physical Therapists maintain and promote over all fitness and health for their patients. The patients worked with can be all ages. These clients include people who have or who are at risk for conditions such as lower back pain, athritis, heart disease, fractures, brain or head injuries, or cerebal palsy. When treating their clients, physical therapists first examine the medical history. They then test and measure the patients strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, posture, muscle performance, respiration and motor function. The clients ability to be independent and released into the community or workplace after an injury or illness are also checked. The therapists prepare a Continue...

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To prepare for licensure students have to complete and get credit in physical therapy. The client is educated on how to perform exercises and theraputic procedures at home. 62,480 Offices of other health practitioners. These plans describe the strategy of the treatment, its purpose and its anticipated outcome. Physical therapists may worry that they might not be able to help some of their patients recovery fully to where they need to be. Those with nine years of experience earned between 44,952 and 59,398 a year. Paid holidays and sick leave depend on the therapist's lenght of service. There is more to it then i thought and that's why it appeals more to me now.


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