Disabled by Wilfred Owen

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It is my intent to analyze Disabled by Wilfred Owen, the majority of which focused on a soldier’s present condition rather than the past; the part that did focus on the past were more pessimistic that this portion. The poem seemed realistic and personal as it portrayed an image of one man’s own experience during World War I. Owen wrote about the war because he was a poet and a soldier. I believe that Owen saw the disorder that war created, and I noticed that he used irregularities of rhyme in the seven stanzas to reflect that disorder. Also, the poem of half rhyme gave his poetry a dissonant, disturbing quality that amplified his theme. His usage of language gave the poem an urgency and directness, and all the senses were utilized. The poem expressed the horrors of war and the mental and physical torment the young soldiers sacrificed because of it. In stanza one, the poem presented a clear picture of a young soldier at a park or thinking about being at a park in a wheelchair; he had no legs. Owen allowed the reader to become aware of the man physical surrounding by stating in line one and in line three that “He sat in a wheeled chair, waiting for dark, /Through the park.” The reader was able to visualize a man at the par Continue...

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All he knew was that he would get paid while in the army, but he had no idea of the horrors of war. The soldier wasn't happy with how his life had turned out. Also, this man could have served in the war because he knew that the soldier had made a sacrifice and no one seemed to care. The reader will always remember this poem. The caregivers probably treated him as if he had no say or choice in his daily activities or life. The soldier probably had some hope that his knees didn't have to be cut up to his thigh. He was not active but instead immobile and possible waiting to forget his troubles. From line twenty-nine, "Smiling they wrote his lie: aged nineteen years the soldier wasn't nineteen years old. To celebrate, he drank brandy with his friends after the match was over. Owen wrote about war because he lived it and he wanted the reader to know and understand the effects the war. The war robbed him of his talents and skills and it seemed as if no one cared about his emotional needs. The soldier was so depressed that he just wanted his caregivers to put him in his bed. The thoughts of the negative treatment he received in the institution made him even sicker. He wanted people to respect him for who he was and what he was capable of doing. Stanza one related to a combination of sadness and pleasure mixed together.