Who AM I?

             My name is ______. My ethnic background explains a lot of who I am, and the values that I have developed. My name was chosen using a religious method that is based on astrology. My parents are both from India and moved here only a couple of years before I was born. They spoke little English, and as a result, I was taught Gujarati as a first language. I grew up with a large family because my parents, grandparents, and my uncle’s family all lived in the same house. Growing up in this environment helped mold me into the man that I have become today.
             My family is religious and we went to the temple every week. Even as a child I attended temple schooling where they taught us about our heritage, which in turn educated me about where I came from. However, now I am not that religious and don’t go to the temple because I believe it is becoming corrupted. My family and my parents in particular, provided me with the morals that I hold to be true. I am very grateful of the way my parents brought me up. They always told me do to others as you would like them to do to you. That phrase is what I keep in mind before I take any actions.
             I believe that I got most of my physical traits from my parents through genetics. I am 5’ 5” and my father is 5’ 6” and my mother is 5’ 3”. Aside from the height, I get my skin tone from my mother. People always say that I look like my mother. I believe that not only do I get most of my physical traits from my mother but I get much more. Also an individual’s physical traits are more venerable by the environment. How you eat and how well you talk care of your body effects your physical traits no matter what your genetics say.
             My mother and I have a lot of traits that are similar. We both think a like and have many common interests. Genetics is one way of explaining the similarities, but I believe it is more because of my childhood. My mother was the one that too

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