True Love Defined

             A dictionary defines true love as mutual devotion between two people who show unselfish concern for the good of another (Merriam). However, the dictionary does not explain how true love is rare, and the affects it has on others. Wislawa Szymborska expresses a negative opinion towards love and lovers in her poem “True Love,” by explaining what it is like for those who have not experienced true love.
             In her poem, Szymborska uses stanzas, each containing different amounts of lines and words, to help convey her opinion on true love throughout her poem. The first stanza has four lines, which helps set up the theme for the rest of the poem. Szymborska starts the poem with questions about true love, asking if it is normal, serious and practical. The questions are intended to make the reader think about true love and what it really is. Szybroska’s discouraging feelings towards love is shown through her word choice in the questions she posed. The first word, normal, exhibits confusion in the speaker of the poem. The words serious and practical also demonstrate a feeling of confusion. The confusion Symborska display represents the confusion many lovers have throughout an entire relationship. Syzmborska is revealing the feelings of lovers who are having doubts and concerns of loyalty in her word choice.
             The second question in her poem is what the world gets from two people who exist in their own world. The sarcasm in the question presents the author’s negative attitude toward true love. Szymborska is saying that two people in love aren’t doing anything for anybody else but themselves. They are not benefiting the world in any way. By asking this question, Szymborska begins to open the readers mind to think about why true love is necessary. Although it is painful and confusing, true love is necessary. The tone of the question is negative towards love, but has a positive impact on the reader.

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