How many times have you heard after a disaster the phrase othing will be the same again Since Biblical times, disasters have been experienced as key defining moments. Biblical events such as Noah's flood were interpreted in a similar way. Indeed, tragedies and disasters do have huge impacts on the generations that follow. Mankind may be at loggerheads with each other, but will unite and pick themselves up after a disaster and the more insurmountable difficulties seem to be, the more determined mankind would be to recover. In the face of a tragedy, mankind would not be cowed into submission but be courageous and overcome it.
             Christopher Reeve was one of the few persons who could boast of overcoming his difficulty and living life to the fullest. He faced a tragedy which would have took the fight out of the most determined people but it was only appropriate for the Man of Steel to fight on. On May 1995, he had an accident while riding which caused him to be paralyzed which in turn effectively ruined his career as a rising actor. Ironically, this most self-reliant and active of men was now facing life almost completely immobilized and dependent on others for his most basic needs. In addition, his condition puts him at constant risk for related illnesses -pneumonia, infections, blood clots and wounds that do not heal -all of which Reeve would experience in the coming years. But he faced all these problems bravely and overcame them. He raised the awareness about spinal cord injuries and actively raised money for research into a cure, helping millions of others who have the same condition as him. He showed great courage and determination to try to change his life and the lives of others even in the face of seemingly insurmountable difficulties. The same can be said of the whole of mankind.
             Mankind exposes itself to danger when it attempts to confront the unknown, yet these attempts have never ceased. The exploration of space is f...

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