Why Oppose Racism

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Introduction Racism is a weapon used by those who are in a position of assumed power, against those with obvious cultural characteristics, seen as inferior. Racism hurts the victim both physically and emotionally and often has serious consequences as serious as death as a result of murder or suicide. Racism is also responsible for violent outbursts against our cultural ‘others’ and damages social relationships. Why oppose Racism? With the anguish that racism causes in society, it is evident that racism is wrong and should be opposed in society. If society continues to ignore racism in its current effects in Australia and other countries around the world, the effects will continue and as a result many national communities will not be able to reach their social goals of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘reconciliation’ in socially cohesive and progressive surroundings. Racist aggressors avoid responsibility for their actions and consequently enable racism to perpetuate in society through the use of various tactics. Aggressors avoid responsibility through denial that they were being racist, minimization by stating victims escalate the situation, blame shifting i.e.; “they started it”, redefinition of the event, clai Continue...

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comnewstmplsotryuafp20030912sp_wl_aplsafrica_rugbyu_wc2003_030912125331) Legislation passed by the Australian Government also provided for this ill treatment in specific acts such as the Aborigines Act of 1911 which placed an emphasis on control over Aboriginals. He died from extensive head wounds; and he had broken ribs and a tear in his aorta, the main blood vessel leading from the heart(Pilger 1992). All legal restrictions affecting Aborigines and persons of Aboriginal blood have now been removed. The various stories of victimization, discrimination, beatings and murders of people belonging to particular cultural groups all have one drive in common, and that is racism. Particularly in the past we can see how racism has denied for many basic human rights and absence of just treatment for cultural 'others' such as the ethnic minorities. It is those who are affected by racism who are aware of the strong effects the wrong behavior has on the victims, particularly on their self image and social relationships. By refusing to take responsibility on behalf of the Australian Government, Australia will have difficulty working towards social goals of multiculturalism and reconciliation. Social and family relationships suffer as the victim may disregard cultural heritage and lose the security of self belonging and image in return for acceptance. Such beliefs are naive and prevent the elimination of racism, however there are few of us who are not aware of the effects that racism is still having on society. The passing of The Aboriginal Affairs Act of 1962 however was the first step towards the recognition of the rights which belong to our cultural 'others'. As a result of this assumed control, Australian citizens of Anglo background were given grounds to isolate the black Aboriginal community and discriminate them based on the knowledge that legislation had outlined the Aboriginals were inferior.


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