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Have you ever had the feeling that if you were to close your eyes you could see, hear and feel a place even though you’re not there at that moment? That the place must have had an impact on you senses to leave such a lasting impression in your memory. Being in my boyfriend’s room seemed to leave the same impression. The kind of impression that allows me to remember the texture of all the things in his room, the different colors of items, and the many sounds that emanate either from his room or outside of it. His room is the one place in which any person can fully relax in after a hard day. As you walk into his room, the first thing you notice is the texture of the carpet on your bare feet. At first it feels stiff but as you walk further into the room it becomes softer, as if it were brand new. His bed which Continue...

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Once I am there, I notice that the mattress, as well as the carpet, sinks in to form-fit your body type. The last sound I hear coming from this place is the creaking as I close the door and head back to my realm of existence. The silk sheets and comforter just makes one want to climb under the covers. is in the corner of the room is softer then the carpet. I hear people cheering on the team that is up at bat. Adjacent to the dresser is the small black TV stand which holds all of his DVDs and DVD player. Finally the carpet is the last thing I see while leaning over the side of the bed. Somewhere in the room I can hear the cries of the kitten who loves to hide under the bed, she is very shy to new comers. In addition to seeing the flawlessness of his walls I begin to see all the different colors that make up his room. Outside the windows I can hear the children playing in the baseball field next door. Across from the bed is a single dresser. In which is smooth, black and gold trimming all around the edges and on the handles. With so much going on in this small but relaxing alcove, I might just feel at home. It is a dark hunter green in which I can see all the white and orange fur from his kitten.


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