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Deaf Event Experience This is my second year attending a Deaf event for my American Sign Language class. On Friday, April 9th 2004, I went to the Block where a Deaf event was going on in a Starbucks shop. The get-together occurs every second Friday of the month. I had just gotten out of the movies with my friends since we had gone to see Mean Girls. We got out around 9:00 PM and as soon as we were outside, my friends yanked my shirt and yelled out “Yen, they’re signing!”. One of my friends, Ally, tells me that she is fascinated my Sign Language because she likes the idea of being able to communicate without words. My three other friends that I went with, Mayra, Vivian and Vy, also find it interesting so they all wanted to come with me when I told them that I was going to go. When we got in there, everyone was signing like crazy and having such a good time. I don’t exactly remember how I felt when I went to the Deaf even last year but it was overwhelming to see all the signing for me then. My friends were all pushing me to go talk to someone but I told them I didn’t want to cut in the middle of their conversations. Right then, out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a little Continue...

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After patiently waiting for me to finish signing because I was kind of nervous since all my friends were looking at me curiously, she informed me that she was tired from walking too much so she decided to sit there and wait for her mom to come back. We said hello and exchanged a few casual words. Then I asked her how long she has been waiting and she answered almost one hour. No matter what I said to try to change her mind, she would not give in. Then I went out to get some pretzels and on the way, I told my friends about what was going on. Feeling good, I started heading out, forgetting to get anything to prove that I was there. I went up to both of them and her mom told me how she got lost and thanked me for keeping Elizabeth company. I asked her what was wrong and why she was sitting all by herself. girl sitting on a table all by herself and she was looking really sad. She told me her name was Elizabeth (and I told her I like her name), and how she has one hearing brother as well as one Deaf sister. I went over to her and said hi and introduced myself. I smiled and told her it was no problem and I handed Elizabeth the sandwich. When I was back in Starbucks I saw her with another lady whom I assumed was her mom.


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