True Patriots - Edward Snowden and Julian Assange

             Privacy and freedom of every citizen in any country are very important and therefore need to be respected, by both the ruling government as well as individual citizens. Therefore, by exposing the government secrets concerning systematic contempt for individual privacy and freedom, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are considered patriots and heroes to human rights. Their actions cannot be considered politics of Republicans against Democrats, or conservatives against liberal, but that of individual citizen against the state. Conflicting with there is siding with oppressive secrecy against democratic honesty, surveillance against citizen freedom and power against sovereignty (Richter et al. 20). The aim of this paper is to prove the fact that Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are patriots.
             As an informer of the government's illegal activity that the government judicial branches, executive and legislative approved and kept top-secret for a long period, Edward Snowden extremely risked his personal life for the good of the public. The United Sates intellect documents that Edward Snowden Shared in 2013 with journalists revealed how government all over the world were clandestinely scooping up massive chunks of individuals' communications including Wed histories, phone locations, and private emails. However, through his action, Edward Snowden has independently reignited a worldwide discussion concerning government's nature and extent of its surveillance, and most crucial rights of individual citizens, thereby facilitating a change of state laws and assisting to protect the privacy of people. For instance, for the very first time, the court in the United States ruled that NSA surveillance program was unconstitutional forcing the government to pass laws that will always confine government surveillance. Consequently, technology companies all over the world including WhatsApp and Apple are presently doing so much to offer protection to indiv...

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