Secrets Of The Deep by Dreamer

             In order to discover the wonders of the ocean, one must dive deep into the vast, blue waters of the sea. Poet Dreamer urges readers to dive into these water. By combining metaphor, imagery, and symbolism, the poet portrays that like the wondrous ocean, everyone has a secret world inside them. Dreamer uses a metaphor to compare herself to an ocean. In fact, the poem starts off with “I am an ocean. A vast body of strength, love and potential, hiding an abyss of emotion” (Dreamer). By using this metaphor, Dreamer helps us understand her “world” by comparing something familiar to everyone (the ocean), to herself. An ocean may look serene and blue on the outside, but when you look under the water, there is a whole other world inside them. It is the same for people. We must “Swim in my (their) waters. (to) Discover the beauty of a hidden kingdom, Full of secrets and surprises around every corner” (Dreamer).
             Throughout the poem, Dreamer uses lots of imagery to help get her message across in language that is strong, vivid, and very visual. Dreamer used words to create images in our heads that help us to interpret the poem in the way she sees it. Everyone has a different view on life and for readers to understand hers, she uses imagery like “Strong enough to bear the weight of a thousand ships holding a thousand men, to support the lives of many, yet fragile enough to be disturbed by even the smallest of pebbles” (Dreamer). Readers can imagine thousands of ships and men compared to one tiny pebble. This imagery shows us that sometimes our “worlds” can be disturbed by something so insignificant like when someone talks over your commentary, a judgemental glance from a stranger, or even a meaningless statement someone said under their breath.
             Symbolism plays a big role in Dreamers poem, "Secrets Of The Deep." Symbols allow the poet to suggest many different layers of meaning that force us to dig for a deeper understanding...

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