Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Funding, Budget and Policies

             The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is Canada’s main public broadcaster. Each and every country needs a main public broadcaster to maintain their prominent and individual role and to preserve their culture. The CBC was created for the public’s interest and provides Canadians with information on matters in our country and cultural entertainment. Specifically, this paper will examine how the CBC was established and it’s functionality today, funding and budget cuts that have been imposed by the federal government, along with information on the broadcasting policy that was enacted in 1991 (Shade, Lithgow 2013). The NHL contract that the CBC has lost to Rogers Communications has a very negative effect and will contribute to the difficulties to maintain sustainability as a public broadcaster. The CBC faces many challenges because of budget and funding cuts that the federal government has imposed on them. This has negatively affected the programming and sustainability of the CBC.
             The CBC was established in 1932 to protect Canadian identity from the “threat of American radio networks” whose programs controlled Canadian airwaves at that time (Shade, Lithgow 2013). The CBC was originally formed to “counter the effect of American culture and programming” by the radio stations in the United States and still provides Canadian content all these years later (Vipond 2008). Prime Minister R.B. Bennet’s directive to the CBC was to foster “national consciousness” and “national unity” and to ensure that all Canadians, regardless of “class or place” could have “equal enjoyment of the benefits and pleasures of radio broadcasting” (Romanow qtd. in Shade, Lithgow, 2013). The CBC has grown enormously since its establishment and now has “two national television services, fifty regional television stations, two national radio services and online and satellite services that reach global audiences” (Shade, Lithgow 201...

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