Elements of a Marketing Plan Report

             A well-organized marketing plan report usually reflects some key elements that could affect the operations of the company in question. A marketing plan shows how the business organization plans and strategically makes use of some important factors in organizations that could be beneficial in realizing both their short term and long term goals. In this paper, I shall analyze the elements of a marketing plan report of Starbucks Company. This will involve analysis of the key environmental forces that could have created an opportunity for the organization, changes in the purchasing patterns of the company in the recent years, an environmental scan, and the differentiation strategy taken by the company and the lessons that might be learned from the Geek Squad case study. Starbucks Coffee is recognized as one of the most successful brands of coffee globally. The market for coffee keeps on changing, and this makes the company carry out analysis of markets to determine its current position in the market.
             Critical Environmental Forces that Created Opportunity for Starbucks
             Some environmental forces could have created better business opportunities for Starbucks Company. Most of these factors sound quite beneficial and could provide opportunities for any business organization. The first environmental force is the ever growing popular support that the company gets from the suppliers as a result of its responsible sourcing. It is very important that businesses become socially responsible to any of its suppliers, (Hong et al. 2010). The social responsibility that Starbucks has been showing to its suppliers has provided a better opportunity for the organization in most of its operations. The products that the organization produces are also environmentally friendly as they are recyclable, (Geereddy, 2014).This is a force that makes people use the Starbucks products as they do not have harmful effects. Another major environmental force is the supp...

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