Escape from the Western Diet by Michael Pollan

             Stop! Don't eat that Whopper, along with a regular diet of fast foods like it along with processed foods; it could lead to health risks that can potentially put your life in danger. Michael Pollan, a writer on food and eating, writes that "Escape from the Western Diet," all the fast food, all candy, processed food, and all ice cream we eat is killing us. He also says that to stop the western diet we have to stop eating and thinking that way. Pollan argues that we need to stop eating a Western Diet. Eating fast foods and processed foods can be dangerous to your body because it can cause diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol problems.
             First, Pollan begins with his own research about the threat of diabetes into theories about the lipid, carbohydrate, and the neolipid hypothesis. He says that "people eating a Western diet are prone to a complex of chronic diseases that seldom strike people eating more traditional diets" (Pollan 421). Pollan point is that if you eat a lot of fast food on a daily basis and you don’t burn off what you eat you will get diabetes versus a person who eats right and works out. Due to the increase in people getting diabetes new treatments and procedures have to be done.
             Second, on every street there is fast food restaurant. By having fast food restaurants everywhere, people are eating more junk food causing more people to have heart disease. Denis Burkitt who is an English doctor stationed in Africa during World War II says that "The only way we are going to reduce disease is to go backwards to the life style of our ancestors" (Burkitt 423). What Burkitt is saying is that he agrees with Pollan and introduces a way to solve the Western Diet problem. Burkitt thinks that if we go out and hunt for our food like our ancestors did, instead of going to Publix and buying meat, chicken, and/or fish to actually get it ourselves. If we do this the all the steroids and growth hormones that food companies put in o...

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