Bellevue Hospital’s Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program

             Dr. Julie Holland, a board certified psychiatrist, worked the weekend at Bellevue Hospital’s Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program. Patients are sometimes prisoners, sometimes people recently arrested, sometimes injured people referred to the psych doctors from other hospital departments. There are also patients who walk in for help, or maybe to fake their way into getting a bed for the night. Dr. Holland’s job was mainly to perform a sort of mental health triage, trying to determine if a person should be admitted or discharged, or trying to determine if a person is fit to stand trial. Dr. Holland takes us through her journey from how she started medical school to her experiences in Bellevue.
             Dr. Holland encounters many patients with different psychiatric symptoms and diagnosis. One of the patients that were first introduced to the readers was a twenty-three-year-old patient named Joshua Silver. He was taken in by the NYPD for nudity in the middle of Times Square. What’s interesting about this patient is that he didn’t seem like a criminal. It was obvious that his illogic mind caused him to do such abnormal actions. He didn’t hurt anyone. He simply viewed the world as art including the humans who live in it. We were all art to Joshua Silver. Mr. J, a thirty-five-year-old Hispanic male with a history of schizophrenia arrived at the hospital. His symptoms were severe. He believed that he would confront people with tattoos and piercings because they were all in league with Satan. This manic man may pose a threat to people because we can question his definition of “confront”. Mr. S, a thirty-six-year-old Hispanic man with a history of depression banged his head repeatedly against the wall in a suicide attempt. We then find out that Mr. S was positive for cocaine. A thirty-eight-year-old transexual black male walked into the ER with a complaint of being raped. Dr. Holland knew she was one of the patients who would fa...

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