The Hunchback of Notre-dame

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The Hunchback of Notre-Dame “Love is a universal language.” This popular quote from many movies and literary works describes the importance of love, and how there are no limits or barriers when dealing with love. Many people cannot even help whether or not they fall in love. There are many types of love and they need not be between members of opposite sexes. In Victor Hugo's novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo's love for Esmerelda is not as strong as his different sense of love for the Archdeacon, Claude Frollo. Quasimodo loves each person in a different manner, but is truer to the Archdeacon. The hunchback feels, among other things, a love described as Eros for the Mistress Esmerelda; whereas, for the Archdeacon the love he feels is known as Philia. While Quasimodo is drawn to Esmerelda by her inner beauty and personal qualities, he admires the Archdeacon for his powerful position in the social structure of the town. Throughout the story, Quasimodo does his best to protect Esmerelda. Contrarily, he is protected by the Archdeacon. There are four types of love, only one of which involves a man's physical love for a woman and vice versa. This type of love is known as Eros. It is Continue...

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Twelveofficers of the Brotherhood of Fools lifted it to theirshoulders. Inturn, Quasimodo shows the utmost respect for Frollo. " The hunchback throws stones,tools, anything he can find down on the attackers. During thelength of her stay in the tower, she is completely isolatedfrom the outside world. " Eventually, however, she overcomes her aversionto his appearance. Through these experiences and this upbringing, Quasimododevelops a Philial love for the Archdeacon. Quasimodoresides in the Notre Dame Cathedral. Thisillustrates their mutual correspondence and understanding. Two types of love displayed are Eros, to theMistress, and Philia, toward Frollo. The hunchback himself enjoys authority as hepossesses the power of rule over people. This being the case, holding the position asArchdeacon, or head of the church, is a much covetedoccupation. A bitter and haughty joy spread over the gloomyface of the Cyclops Quasimodo as he saw under his deformedfeet the heads of all those handsome, straight and well-mademen (p.