A Route of Evanescence

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Emily Dickinson’s “A Route of Evanescence” is a condensed poem that describes a hummingbird and its quick presence. Hummingbirds are mystical creatures that are graceful, yet sometimes misunderstood. Their bodies consist of lavish colors that appear as if painted on. The movements of the hummingbird’s wings send the observer into a trance. When released from this trance, the hummingbird is usually no longer in sight. The compact poem offers a brief description of a hummingbird, but it holds a strong and powerful message in form and structure. The reader can break the eight-lined poem down into two stanzas consisting of four lines. The two stanzas will therefore help the reader to understand the depth and meaning of the poem. Each stanza is different in form and meaning and as a result, the contrast creates a sense of time and movement for the reader. The first “stanza” starts out with the first sight of the hummingbird. The speaker in the poem uses exoti Continue...

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The word "revolving" (2) describes the flapping motion of the bird"tms wings and compares the repetition of the "R" to the wing movement. A repetition of the beginning consonant "R" occurs in the first four lines. The poet uses regular iambic tetrameter and trimeter throughout the last four lines, calming the scene down from its rapid movement in lines 1 and 3 when the meter trails off, and returning the scene to the way it was before the hummingbird appears. Since hummingbirds show quick movements, the effect is that the hummingbird does not stay for long in one place. Lines 1 and 3"tms meter is iambic tetrameter, and lines 2 and 4 are iambic trimeter. In this poem, the speaker paints a vivid picture of a hummingbird moving rapidly, and once the bird has collected nectar from the flower, the bird is quickly gone. c words such as "Evanescence" (1), "Resonance" (2), and "Cochineal" (3) to grab the reader"tms attention and illustrate how exotic the hummingbird actually is. No distinct rhyme is found between lines 1 and 3, but "Wheel" (2) and "Cochineal" (4) are a perfect rhyme. In addition, the beauty of the poem makes a hummingbird seem more elegant, and more respected. This is due to the words "Evanescence" (1) and "Emerald" (2). The structure of the poem helps the reader to increase their imagination and look closer into a poem. The speaker personifies this flower by making the flower seem affected by the hummingbird. The speaker accuses the flower of adjusting its "Head" (6) when in actuality flowers do not have heads. " Referring back to the "revolving Wheel" (2) and the wing movement, the loop brings the poem together and shows beauty in the movement of the hummingbird.



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