A Progressive Democracy

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The Progressive Era was a period in American history in which improving working conditions, exposing corruption, improving the way of life, expanding democracy, and making reforms were the objectives at hand. Many American citizens eagerly demanded a change in numerous areas such as business, labor, the economy, and an increase of democracy. Democracy flourished during the Progressive Era. Many new plans were constructed to help the American People. This was the true goal of all Progressives, to help the American society. The progressive period was marked with the arrival of three great presidents: Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson. All three of these presidents fought for the common good of the people. Teddy Roosevelt was known as the "trust buster" and that is exactly what he did to help control big business. Many large corporations had complete control of the services that they were selling. Roosevelt went in to these companies and helped to stop this type of monopoly. The biggest trust that Roosevelt busted was the one involving Northern Securities and J.P. Morgan. Roosevelt was also a big supporter of labor he tried almost everyth Continue...

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Democracy was increased in the United States by the introduction of the referendum, initiative, and the recall. He did this because he had an idea that if you open up your market to foreign goods then the foreign markets would open up for you. They did many beneficial things for our country, most of which are still practiced today. His fellow party members and enraged reformers were certain he had betrayed both them and the American people by passing this act. This bank was a system in which there would be twelve Federal Reserve Banks throughout the country. Teddy demanded that congress pass this act because he thought the way consumers were being treated was wrong. This was the direct election of a public official. Taft issued a tariff called the Payne-Aldrich Tariff. Roosevelt tried his best to help consumers. President Wilson also tried to help and improve the conditions for workers he did this by adding the income tax. All national banks were required to join this system. Teddy set up child protection laws, which were used to prevent children to work in factories, and it also reduced the amount of time they worked. This not only helped families to keep going during a time of tragedy but also allowed to workers to have a fair time to regain strength in order to return to work. ing and anything to help the citizens of the United States.


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