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Amos Amos was a shepherd in the south town of Tekoa in Judah, although he didn’t had any prophetic background Amos was called by God to prophecy Over Israel. As Amos began to proclaim his message, the people discovered that they liked what he said because he started to condemn their enemies, but suddenly Amos message took a different direction, Israel was being judged. Business for Israel at that time had never been better, For the first time in generations they didn’t have any military threat. Israel controlled most of the crucial trade routes, their economic status was piling up big profits. Luxury, top grade wine and food and new stone houses led to Israel’s spiritual decay. The people that Amos addressed were very focused on religion. They went regularly to shrines to worship and tried to do their own rituals that did not flowed from lives of faith. The people of this sinful nation had violated the sanctity of the house of their God. This spiritual decay led into social injustice. The rich were exploiting the poor and the powerful were dominating the weak. Bill collectors were taking debtors garments as payments and were using them as bedding when they went to the shrines to worship God. The demand that Amo Continue...

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It is a privilege to follow Jesus steps. The fact that they were the "chosen nation", made them complaisant because they never thought that God would do anything against them. The message of Amos too, challenges our leadership skills and values by asking a higher level of them in comparison to the world. What Amos communicates in his message is that the nation of Israel nonetheless the house of Jacob; had a responsibility for being elected, and that was supposed to be shown as a moral accountability standard above the other nations. According to Acts 15:15-21, the words of the prophets were making sense when Paul and Barnabas were telling about the miracles that were happening amongst the gentiles. But in verse 19-21 says that still the gentiles needed to know about Moses"tm preaching from the early days of abstaining from food polluted by idols, sexual immorality, strangled animals and from blood. If we the church don"tmt do it, who will. We have been given much, and much will be required from us too. God will not break his covenant as he did with the people of Israel, but still he is a God of justice and righteousness and we are required to e leaders and example in the community. The Israelites were Gods chosen people. s was making about social injustice was mostly a restatement of the ancient covenant laws. Judgement against Israel was prophesied God will use a plumb line to judge whether Israel its straight by his standards. Amos does not quote the exact words of the law, but its elements are present including care of the poor and needy, use of just weights in commerce, administration of justice, and above all to worship only Yahwe. We need to be very careful to be constantly reminding ourselves by reading the word the things that god has asked us to do and not preferring our own ways. It is easy to fall in complacency when everything goes well and there are great resources and the church is growing and vibrant.


Amos and Hosea: A Comparison
Amos and Hosea: A Comparison. Hosea and Amos are prophetic in the moral sense. They offer a cosmic, universal explanation for the decline of the Jewish people. (850 3 )

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Amos: Chapter 5 Amos 5 - Exegesis (54635) Merriam-Webster's Co. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (1999:406) defines exegesis (1259 5 )

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people. In the books of Amos and Hosea, for example, the theme is that the decline is caused by the Jews' loss of religious faith. (1042 4 )

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