Brave New World

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BRAVE NEW WORLD ASSIGNMENT In the novel “Brave New World” many events occurred that makes it difficult to decide whether John or Bernard Marx had more importance as being the protagonist or antagonist to help develop the plot. Both characters can be considered the protagonist as well as the antagonist. John and Bernard Marx, being the protagonists helped developed the main theme of selfishness throughout the novel. The reasons why selfishness is the dominant theme developed by these two main characters is because they both wanted the society in the New World to be the way they wanted it to be, they used each other to become socially accepted and they effected others in their search of a better life. The first example of selfishness being the dominant theme developed by John and Bernard is they both wanted the society in the New World to be exactly the way they thought it should be like. Bernard wanted everyone who lived in the New World to be the way he was. Bernard thought that everyone should think more freely and be more open-minded. He felt that every Alpha-plus should not be so perfect for he wasn’t. Bernard thought that every character trait that he possessed, everyone else should posses them as well. Simi Continue...

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Once the John the Savage came into Bernard's life, Bernard realized that his society would love to see the Savage, especially after they realize that the Savage is the Director's illegitimate son. The theme of selfishness in the novel can also be seen through the protagonists when they used each other to become accepted in the New World society. They didn't think about the effects they would cause on these women. Both John and Bernard treated Lenina horribly throughout the novel. The motives that they possessed in their lived showed how selfish they were acting. People thought she looked hideous and they often made fun of her. Even though Lenina was only interested in a good time with the two men she was effected immensely by their exploits. Also, when Bernard took Lenina over the English Channel in his helicopter, he tried to make Lenina think differently about things and this confused her immensely. Once she was taken out of this society and put into the society of the New World she was socially unaccepted. He felt that there were too many restrictions in this new society. By John and Bernard wanting the society of the New World to be the way they wanted, it shows how these two protagonists were being selfish. larly, John felt that the New World was to conformed and orderly. However, this theme can easily be linked to both of the main protagonists, and as the novel continues, the antagonists.