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You are pinned down near a parked car by gunfire crisscrossing from two rivaling gangs with an innocent child you managed to grab from the street before the child was bout to be caught in the crossfire, you have the child in your arms with a gun in your other hand while you try to radio in for backup, the noise of the bullets across the street as the gangs are taking revenge on each other, the child in your arms starts to cry from all the noise from the guns, he cries for his mother. What do you do? Unfortunately, these are some of the situations that law enforcement officers face from time to time. Courage responsibility, self-control, dignity, honor, and willing to risk your life, or even making a difference on the streets is what makes up a fine police officer. A law enforcement officer is one career that I would like to pursue, because I to want not just to make a difference, but to lay my life on the line for my cities safety. Qualifications needed to become a police officer vary from agency to agency, city to city, and state to state. Some qualifications are pretty standard: A minimum of twenty-one years of age, a U.S. citizen, a high school diploma, a clean criminal record, a valid drivers license, and good physical and m Continue...

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Hostage Negotiation teams are trained officers who have the difficult job of rescuing hostages from terrorists. Police officers conducting patrol or carrying out other assignments, work outdoors in all types of weather. But all police officers, regardless of where they work, share certain problems; they constantly deal with human suffering, yet must always maintain self-control, and act in a calm, efficient manner. Cars collide, the bullets are real, and unlike in the movies, the "good guys don't always win. Because police agencies operate twenty-four hours a day, officers are usually required to work five day rotating shifts, including holidays and weekends. They make preliminary investigations, question victims and witnesses, recover stolen property, and take evidence into possession. Some agencies give calisthenics and obstacle courses. Canine (K-9) officers are a tam with trained police dogs to provide help to other police officer units. The degree of specialty with a police agency varies with the size and resources of the department, and needs of the community. The job requires officers to be in their best state, both physically, and mentally, because the day is spent cautiously, the officers take things from daily job tasks as it comes to them, not knowing previously. The maximum is reached over a period of year by incremental step increases, usually it would top of at about thirty thousand to forty thousand dollars. Even the ones who deserve it... I sometimes think that they could be family or a friend, and I hate to admit it but I've shed some tears right along with them. One law enforcement officer states how difficult it is while on the job. Suspects who may be armed and dangerous, situations involving high-speed chases, innocent people loosing their lives, or the rescue of people attempting suicide are some of the things that make this line of work dangerous. The physical exam is next in the selection process, which involves a fair amount of running, lifting, and upper body strength requirements, which help determine if the applicant can handle a firearm.


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