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william wordsworth

William Wordsworth Throughout the Romantic Period there were many excellent poets, but one is called the greatest. William Wordsworth was born in 1770 in the town of Cockermouth, England. Wordsworth was different than most children in the sense that he loved poetry. His unusual writing topics have made him one of the greatest romantic poets. Many of his poems are based on his life and beliefs. What Wordsworth is known for is writing about nature. He learned during his childhood to love nature and what it had to offer him ("Wordsworth,William" 1). William Wordsworth's types of writings were seen in many poems, but Lyrical Ballads and The Prelude were two of his main ones. During the Romantic Period, William Wordsworths types of writings were different than anyone else. In many of his poems, he writes about childhood events (Wordsworth, William 3). In other poems Wordsworth takes a more serious approach. In these poems his topic went from his childhood to the Industrial Revolution of England (U-X-L Biographies 3). What Wordsworth is most known for is nature. Wordsworth wrote many poems about his childhood and the Industrial Revolution, but a majority of them refer to nature (Wordsworth, William 3). During William Wordsworth's early adulthood, the Industrial Revolution started in England. Wordsworth was a person who despised the revolution. Throughout many of his poems, he wrote about the effects that the revolution had on the common people. The Excursion is one of his better poems that described his feelings toward the revolution. His feelings for the revolution are shown to his readers through the eyes of a young man (U-X-L Biographies 3). This is just one of Wordsworth's topics of writing. William Wordsworth is known to some people as the Nature Poet. This is because of his many poems about nature (Wordsworth, William 3). At a young age, Wordsw...

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