The School Bus Nightmare

             It was a cool Friday evening and the weekend was approaching, nothing could go wrong now. Driving along Presario Street, as I do everyday from work, I decide to stop by the local junkyard to see what I could pick up for fun. As I was walking along the aisles, I noticed this old looking school bus. As quickly as I saw this school bus, I remembered everything there was to know about this terrible tragedy and why it no longer carries innocent looking children to school anymore.
             It was exactly twelve years ago, like any other day. The sun was awaking up from its slumber, telling the people of the world that it was that time once again, to wake up. Children were getting ready to go to school as usual. Children packing their own lunches or receiving money from their parents, as if their parents were like ATM machines. They would then skip along to the bus stop, where the bus would take them to school. But this day was different for a new bus stop was located across the train tracks. It was the first time and the last time this bus would ever make this stop.
             On their way picking up little Johnny Doe, the bus had to cross the train tracks. However, this bus was caught at the light. As soon as the light turned red and the bus stopped, the train lights came on. Where did the bus stop at, you ask? It stopped right on the edge of the tracks. The train was coming towards the bus, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. The children were racing towards the emergence exits. Their strengths grew in numbers as if Superman was there himself opening all the latches to the exits. Screams from the children were filling the inside of the bus, but no one outside could hear them, as if the bus had become a sound studio. Tears were rolling down the cheeks of the children. The children’s faces turning bright red do to all the screaming that was happening.
             The train’s air horn got louder and louder, as if the train was the bull and the sch...

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