The Gospel According to Mark

             Borges' "The Gospel According to Mark": Plot
             Borges' "The Gospel According to Mark" has a plot related to misunderstanding. The story is about a man taking in an illiterate worker and his family after a storm drives them from their home. Putting them up in a tool shed, he entertains them at night with stories of the Gospel's of Mark. Soon, however, the storm drives the family to the house with the protagonist, Baltasar Espinosa. In the plot of this story, there are many parallels between Espinosa and Jesus. The first that is seen is Espinosa's kindness and ability at public speaking, which was also possessed by Christ. Also in the first paragraph there is foreshadowing. Espinosa is thirty-three, which is the same age that Jesus was when he was crucified. The next parallel that can be seen is the flood that drives the Gutres from their home. The flood is also seen in the Bible when Noah was warned of the flood by God and was told to save two of each animal on his ark. The bible comes into play when Espinosa finds an old English Bible and begins reading to them from it each night. The next parallel is seen when Espinosa saves the Gutres' pet lamb. This is paralleled in the bible by the story of how one lamb out of a hundred became lost, and the Shepard went to save him. The Gutres also take to following him around wherever he goes, akin to how Christ's disciples followed him. The Gutres even treasured the crumbs that spilt from his plate, waiting for him to turn around before they snatched them up. The Gutres were soon let into the house when the tool shed that they were staying in was damaged by the rain, the beams of the roof being broken. While the Gutres stayed in the house with Espinosa, he was pampered by the ever eager Gutres. On a Thursday night, the little girl came to Espinosa in the night, having walked across the house barefooted and naked to his room. Espinosa took her into his bed, never knowing her n...

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