effects on cell phones

             The terrifying effects on cell phones
             It’s hard to stay safe in the world today. It’s not even safe to drive or walk down the street. Cell phones have caused a number of wrecks and have killed many people. They also have a tendency to cause bad credit and are expensive. The most important effect that cell phones have is technical difficulty.
             Many states have started banding driving while talking on a cell phone. Forty five percent of wrecks are caused due to talking on cell phones. They distract drivers by pulling their attention away from the road. While talking on the cell phone, the reacting time is slower then usual. Police say that most of their excuses for speeding is “ I’m sorry officer, I was talking on my cell phone and didn’t see the speed limit drop”. Hearing emergency sirens is more likely not to be heard while on a cell phone. As everyone knows both hands should be on the wheel at all times, but a cell phone does not allow this.
             Cell phones have been known to cause bad credit, due to yearly contracts. Cell phone companies tend to charge too much for what actually should be paid. Cell phones are charged by the minutes and seconds used. The billing charges are also doubled when out of the contracts calling area. Cell phones have known to be stolen out of vehicles. In many cases the bill has been ran up and the owner of the phone has been left to pay the bill. The contract is left to be paid and the owner of the contract is left to finish it out, without a phone.
             The biggest effect on cell phones is technical failure. Cell phones can only reach forty miles from towers. Towers are only found in certain areas. Most of the time when in need to make a call, a tower is not to be found. Also when in the middle of the woods around all the trees a signal can not be reached. Batteries tend to run down on cell phones when left in the hot sun. Also while talking on a cell phone, it allows only thirty minutes

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