devil in devolution

             In "The Devil in Devolution" by John D. Donahue, he tells how he feels the state governments nowadays have way too much power in our society and the power of our federal government is declining. The issue of gay marriage raises debate on whether or not to have to have same sex marriages be acknowledged in other states. By having a gay marriage in one state not be acknowledged in another creates diversity among states and Donahue believes that marriage should be settled by national deliberation. Nevada created more revenue in state by creating lenient divorce laws and had people traveling to Nevada and paying to get divorced. The problem with this is that it takes money away from other states and by doing this it creates competition amongst each other. Nevada also creates competition with other states with its gambling laws. " In 1988 Nevada and New Jersey were alone in allowing casino gambling, eight years later there were around 500 casinos operating in 27 states". What this says is that states are catching on and realizing how many jobs and benefits these casinos creates and also that these states don't want their residents money going to another states casinos. Donahue also talks about issues such as the environment that concern not only the state but also the nation as a whole. States can have very lenient or strict environmental laws but it can not only affect the state but its nearby states or maybe even the entire nation. Donahue says that a state could have very lenient pollution laws and that might not harm that state at all but if the pollution carries to another state this could create problems. The issue of slavery has already divided our nation once and showed us that having each state decide on its own whether or not to have an antislavery law brought us to war. The national abolition of slavery I believe brought our nation closer together and also brought us one step closer to a racially accepte

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