“What do you want to be when you grow up?”, my kindergarten teacher asked. Kinda funny that she was asking a group of four and five year olds what their ambitions for the future were. I know mine changed about every other week. I probably said something silly like a roller coaster tester or a member of the circus. I can recall having different ambitions practically every week. One week I would want to be a race car driver, then next an astronaut, then maybe I’d change my mind again and say I wanted to be a princess or a food tester so I could eat all the yummy food. It seems that when your young your ambitions are so wild and crazy that they are usually un attain able. But that doesn’t stop us from having them.
             Ambition is something that everyone has. It’s an eager, and sometimes an inordinate, desire for, honor, superiority, power, or the attainment of something that is immensely desired. A lot of the time people aspire to be powerful and rich, which is why it isn’t surprising that the word ambition is derived from the Middle English word “ambicioun” which means excessive desire for power, money or wealth ( As humans we all have youthful ambitions to be something great, but when it comes down to it do we realize out ambitions in time to make them a success?
             After speaking with various adults I’ve come to the conclusion that the people (there are some exceptions as you will see) with elaborate ambitions usually don’t accomplish them. Somewhere along the way they get side tracked, or realize that this isn’t really what they want. My mom for instance had gone to college for theater with dreams of becoming an actress. She was in school with Billy Crystal and getting offers left and right. But shortly after all these offers overwhelmed her she realized that if she were to pursue this dream she would never really be able to have a family; at least not the kind of family she pictured. She...

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