Renaissance/Ideas/Spread/Art and Artists

             “Discuss how the Renaissance ideas are expressed in the Italian art of the period, referring to specific works and artists.”
             The Renaissance was a ‘rebirth’ or renewal of many of the classical ancient Greek and Roman beliefs. The Renaissance began in the city-states of Italy, the center of trade in Europe. Many wealthy merchants and bankers became patrons of the newly developing styles and ideals of Renaissance art. Many of the renewed classical Greek and Roman ideas such as Humanism, Individualism, Secularism, and Realism were expressed through the Italian art and the artist’s interests and influences of the period.
             The dominant intellectual movement of the Renaissance was humanism, a philosophy based on the idea that people are rational beings. It emphasized the focus on the individual, his potential and his achievements, an emphasis that was central to Renaissance developments in many areas. Humanism originated in the study of the ancient Greek and Roman classics, which soon led to a new-found interest in learning, and the promotion of a new educational curriculum that emphasized the humanities. Michelangelo (1475-1564) , Italian painter, sculptor, architect, and poet was a humanist and was brave enough to follow ancient Greek and Roman beliefs of showing the human body in its purest, most natural form—nude. A technique first used by Donatello since ancient Greek and Romans. Donatello was the first Renaissance artist to sculpt a nude statue. Donatello’s sculpture David was of a man with a very feminine, not at all muscular body. Contrast to Donatello’s interpretation of David, Michelangelo also sculpted a David with a very muscular and well-proportioned body.
             One of Michelangelo’s best known creations is the sculpture David (1501-1504) . This 17 foot tall marble statue shows an alert David waiting for his enemy Goliath. You can see Michelangelo’s detail in David’s features clearly, everything is in propo...

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